NIAMS Publication Ordering System

Help for ordering NIAMS publications

How to search for NIAMS publications:

To search for NIAMS publications by a keyword, such as a disease name:

Click “Keyword List.” This will take you to a list of letters. Click the first letter of the keyword you are searching for to get a list of all keywords beginning with that letter. Click the keyword of interest to you. You will get a list of NIAMS publications containing information on that keyword.

To search for a NIAMS publication by title:

Click “A-Z list of Publications by Title” for a list of NIAMS publication titles in alphabetical order.

To search a NIAMS publication by typing in a search term:

Type the word or words you are searching for into the text box under “Search Online Publications.” Click on the “Search Online Publications” button next to the box.

To search for a list of the publications NIAMS offers in Spanish:

Click “Spanish Language Publications.”

To search for a list of NIAMS publications in a category of interest:

Click the down arrow under “Publications by Category/Subject” to see a list of categories. Select the category of interest and click on the “Search by Category” button.

How to find the details about a NIAMS publication:

Click the “Summary” link in the Document Summary column to go to a window containing details about the publication. This page includes:

  • A brief description of the information in the publication
  • A picture of the publication cover
  • The date the publication was printed
  • The NIH Publication Number
  • The number of pages
  • The size (dimensions)
  • The language or languages it is written in
  • The intended audience
  • The quantity that can be ordered

How to find out if a publication can be read online:

Click the publication title to read the HTML version or the Adobe icon (PDF logo icon) to read the print friendly PDF version.

  • If the publication is not available to read online, you will see “Print Version Only - Please Order.”

How to find out if a publication has a print friendly version:

All publications with an Adobe PDF icon (PDF logo icon) are available in a print friendly format.

How to order a publication:

Click “Add to Cart” to the right of the publication title to order a publication. You will be able to adjust the number of copies after you go to the check-out page.

How to search for other NIAMS publications:

From the left margin of the page, click on either “A-Z List of Publications,” “Keyword List,” “Spanish Language Publications,” or “Publications by Category/Subject” to choose the method that you prefer to search.

How to check out (place your order):

After you have the publications you want to order in your cart, click “Click here to check out” in the upper right corner or the cart icon in the same location. This will take you to the page where you fill in how many copies of each you want to receive and mailing information.

How to order the number of copies of each publication:

Check the “Limit” under the publication title. This is the maximum number of copies you can order of that publication.

In the box to the left of the title, in the column under “Quantity,” type in the number of copies you are ordering.

How to remove a publication from your shopping cart:

In the column on the right you will see “Remove.” If you decide you do not want to order a publication you have put in your cart, click “Remove” to take it out of your cart.

How to search for additional publications you might want to add to your order:

There are many ways to do this. You can click “Continue to Shop” beneath the list of items in your cart or click on one of the search choices in the left margin of the page: “A-Z List of Publications,” “Keyword List,” “Spanish Language Publications,” or “Search by Category/Subject.”

How to finish ordering after your complete order is in the cart:

Click “Continue to Checkout.” You will need to fill in the mailing information required for delivery of your order. The fields that must be completed so your order can be delivered have a * at the far right. The other fields are not required but would be helpful if we have a question regarding your order.

The information you give us will not be shared.

How to place your order:

Click “Place Order.” Your order will not be sent to NIAMS until you click “Place Order.”

How to keep a record of your order:

After you place you order you will get a page listing the publications in your order, how many of each you requested, and the contact and delivery information you provided. Print this page if you would like to have a record of the order using either the “Print Friendly Page” link or your browser’s print function. The “Print Friendly Page” link will work only if you have Javascript enabled.

Your order should be delivered in three to four weeks.

Some features such as enlarge the font size do not work:

This catalog works best with newer browsers but the publication ordering functions will work with older ones. Javascript is required to use the font enlargement function provided on the site. If you do not have Javascript enabled, you may also enlarge the font using settings in your browser.

To order by phone or inquire about bulk orders for health forums or fairs, please contact the NIAMS Information Clearinghouse at (877) 22-NIAMS (226-4267). The TTY (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) number is (301) 565-2966.

We are allowed to store your contact information when you write to us under System of Record # 09-25-0106, last published in the Federal Register on September 26, 2002, [Volume 67, Number 187] Page 60758. We collect this information in order to be able to mail you the information you are requesting. We will share it only with those who need it to fulfill your request. We won't share it with anyone outside of NIH. If you decide you don't want to provide your mailing address, we won't be able to mail anything to you. You can still view most of the information we have available on the Web site, but there are a few items we provide in hard copy only. If you would prefer to provide your mailing address to us over the phone, please call us at (877) 22-NIAMS (226-4267). For more information about privacy and how we use cookies on this Web site, please see the NIAMS Privacy Policy.