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Catalog Help

How to search for NIAMS publications:

You can search for NIAMS publications using the text box at the top of the page. You can enter a keyword, such as a disease name, or the title of a publication. You can also search by health topic. A list of health topics can be found under “Selected Health Topics” on the homepage, or from the menu at the top of the “Health Topics” page (from mobile devices, click “Menu” and then “Health Topics”).

NIAMS currently offers publications in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. On the Catalog homepage, you’ll see a list of publications by language on the left-hand side (from mobile devices, scroll to the bottom of the page). Please note that some publications in the Catalog are online-only and cannot be ordered in print. However, they can either be downloaded or are available in HTML on the NIAMS website.

How to order a publication:

Add to cart:

Click “Add to Cart” below the publication title. You can specify a quantity in the box before clicking “Add to Cart.” You can also adjust the number of copies after you go to the check-out page.

After clicking “Add to Cart,” you can review your cart and click “Proceed to Checkout,” or you may continue browsing other publications by clicking “Home.” If you would like to update the quantity of a publication in your cart, enter the preferred quantity in the box and click “Update Cart.”

Publications in the Catalog that are online-only cannot be added to the cart.

Provide contact and shipping information:

Click “Proceed to Checkout.” You will need to fill in the contact and shipping information required for delivery. The fields that must be completed so your order can be delivered have an asterisk (*). Your contact information will not be shared with anyone. Please note, incomplete information may result in a delay or inability to process your request. The other fields are not required but would be helpful if we have a question regarding your order.

Additional information:

After completing the contact and shipping information, click “Additional Information.” You will be asked three questions, regarding how you heard about NIAMS, your occupation, and how you intend to use the publications.

If you requested a quantity of a publication that is over the order limit, your order will require further approval. You will be asked a few more questions about how you intend to use these publications. After you place your order, a staff member will contact you for additional information.

Review and place your order:

Click “Review” to review your order, or “Back to Cart” to continue browsing publications or to update your cart. When your order is complete, click “Place Order.” Your order will not be sent to NIAMS until you click “Place Order.”

After you complete your order:

The page will provide you with a reference number. You will also receive a confirmation email after placing your order. If all information provided is correct and publication(s) are in stock, your order should be delivered in three to four weeks. If you requested a quantity that is over the order limit, a staff member will contact you for additional information.